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Hillshire Farm is a brand of meat products marketed and owned by Hillshire Brands. The company was founded in 1934, and was purchased by Sara Lee Corporation in 1971. Friedrich (Fritz) Bernegger, (February 2, 1904 – April 30, 1988) born in Austria, started the business at the facility in New London, Wisconsin.Hillshire Farm's primary products are smoked sausage and Polska kielbasa. The brand intro


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Former Employee - Finance says

"Corporate Management lackluster at best. Poor communicators, back stabbing, lack of access and continually changing guidelines and procedures."

Current Employee - Sanitation, Operator, says

"Everything is bad, no hope , no future , go in feeling proud after a while you loose that pride, managers ignore you with fake excuses, cold terrible place to work in, very little bathroom breaks, no team work ppl hate their life there lots of gossip..i feel low working there"

Production Operator says

"The point system is a complete joke. It exists solely to protect and promote a subculture at Hillshire and get rid of anyone that doesn't fit into group. Supervisors are completely incompetent and have zero business being in leadership roles. They allow their favorites to fill out vacation slips for no-call-no-shows a day later, yet employees with documented illnesses still receive points even if a physician requires them to stay home. Keep in mind that this is a FOOD ENVIRONMENT, so I can't for the life of me figure out why you are punished for having documented contagious illness and staying home. I was originally told I'd be working 5 days per week, but worked 6 days per week for almost a year and was told we were moving to 7. Again, no regard for work/life balance. Word of advice for anyone there or starting there-- never expect HR to be a resource to you. If you see glaring safety issues or express concern about management incompetence or abuse of power to HR, you are painting a target on your chest. You'll be asked to fill out a statement about your concern, and the only result you'll see is getting treated even more poorly by management for going to HR in the first place. I've watched people skip blade checks and contaminate the meat, but again, management doesn't care if it was one of their buddies, and HR doesn't do anything but hand you a report to fill in. I'm not sure what they do with the reports, probably worth looking into by corporate. Seems like they'd want to know when meat gets contaminated before it leaves the building. Hillshire should also have to report their involuntary turnover by ethnicity. What is the hire to fire ratio for African Americans at Hillshire? If it isn't 1:1, it's close enough to warrant investigation."

Current Employee - Warehouse Material Handler says

"dont do it to your self ;; this place would put you in your grave early'''dont waist your time 'its not worth it at all ."


"Believe everything about the terrible reviews here. This may be the worst job I've ever had. The worst management I've ever seen. I mean where did they find these people. I honestly couldn't quit fast enough. My manager who had zero experience in the field for which she was a manager of was downright nasty. They play favorites, they make it uncomfortable to show up to work, boring work, etc. If you take a job here you are either a.) desperate or b.) just want a job in Chicago and don't care about having a career."

Former Employee - Associate Brand Manager says

"To get anything done you have to submit a project to a committee made up of one of the brand management teams ie Hillshire Farm of which I am part of, then it has to go to several iterations of yeas and nays during several group discussions and then we get assigned a PMO (project manager--hopefully-- to make it happen. We don't know the system very well and the training is dismal at best and that is why we hate to be project leads. The PMO is very self serving, and is run by corporate climbing management that came from Kraft that have their own agenda and motives. If you want to be a marketer here, I would look elsewhere if you want to get things done. You have to be an expert corporate maneuverer around this place."

Unknown says

"Poor Management Bad Attitudes No respect for employees Zero Morale"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unprofessional and uncaring upper management. Hopefully Tyson will change that."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This has been written by other reviewers and I shall repeat – do not believe the positive reviews. They were written by HR, interns or new employees still in the honey moon period. I was with my last company for 6 years, but it only took 11 months at Hillshire for me to start looking for another job. Thankfully I found one with a much better company (I did my research this time). Favoritism – The only people that get ahead are those that are friends with (Family friends/members, college buddies, etc) /flirt with Sr. /Middle management. Dishonest Managers/Leaders – Feedback is ALWAYS positive until you ask for a promotion/try to change jobs, then you’re given reasons why you can’t advance. This tactic was used on a department of 12 people. 7 of us found out accidentally that we had been given the same “corporate sponsored” reasons why we couldn’t move forward. Does this mean that more than half of the department is incompetent? The same tactics were used on previous employees that left the company a year ago. These standards are not applied to external candidates. For example, employees are told they cannot apply for certain jobs because they do not have an MBA, but external candidates who do not have an MBA are given those same positions. I believe that due to the high turnover rate, management cannot afford to have their employees move forward/cross functionally so they block advancement to keep seats warm. No accountability for your actions – Most employees understand that they can produce sloppy work and not suffer for it. This leads to a lot of bad decision making and re-work for those that actually care. Even more concerning is that other companies are aware of the shoddy work done at Hillshire and lack respect for the employees. I found this out the hard way when I was interviewing at other companies. I was lucky that I worked at a reputable firm in the past and that gave me a leg up. Some of my colleagues have even removed their experience at Hillshire from their resumes. Poor Middle Management – Most managers I’ve interacted with have low emotional intelligence, lack career development/mentoring and people skills. They would be better off as individual contributors. Limited opportunities for growth and advancement – I learned more in 3 months at my former company than my entire time here. There’s no ground breaking work being done here. Processes /ideas are sloppy and not well thought out. This happens because again, there is little accountability and those with the loudest voices (not the brightest) are listened to. High Turnover Rate - On average, I receive a "farewell" email every 6 months from one of my cross functional partners. This is extremely disruptive to the teams and is a morale killer. No one sticks around for very long. I was at the company for a little over a year and was an anomaly. I was the most tenured person in my department! The turnover rate ramped up at the beginning of 2015. Opportunities are opening up at other companies, so the smart folks are escaping. The HR team stopped doing exit interviews - probably because they got overwhelmed with the number of departures."

Former Employee - Maintenance Tech II says

"High pressure, always looking for ways to fire you. no work life balance. your told as your leaving for the day you have to stay or be fired. Management is uncaring. excessive overtime with no advance notice."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely horrible place to work. If I could give it less than one star I would. So thankful I left that place. The management was horrible. Nothing positive about working here. There are no pros of working for this companyManagement, work environment"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceSpeed● Pay & benefitsNothing● OverallI didn’t like the hours and I had kids to look after so I couldn’t work there because of the manager they were very picky and rude to some employees I had to find something better"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"They allow individuals with extreme temperatures to come into work. Managers consistently ignore their symptoms, as well as workers, putting you in danger of possible infection. I would’ve stayed had they been handling COVID correctly, however there are people who aren’t even required to have the mask on or above their nose. They’ll make you work after you’ve just been tested regardless if you have it or not, until tested positive. They’ll weasel out of paying you quarantine pay as well.Decent pay, decent hours, decent employeesShady management, terrible pandemic treatment, a dead end job"

Sanitation Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management didn't care we stayed under staffed, without proper PPE and was let go because I brought it to Management....................................nonThey dont care about 3rd shift workers"

Jack Driver (Current Employee) says

"I have been in several departments. I finally made it to shipping. I moved there just for the set hours. No more staying til 3 or 6 in the mornings. They need a 3rd Shift!I would only recomend this as a temporary job to anyone. When no one else will hire you Tyson's will. But just know they going to work you to death and barley pay you.I can travel 30 minutes to another plant and make $3 more an hour. This plant here don't care about the employees at all. And management is out to get you. If your black you got no worries at all. You can get away with murder in this plant. If not you wont be here long."

Palletizer (Former Employee) says

"negative false promises false hopes would never go back glad thats all in the past employees treated poorly no air conditioning not comfortable breaks or lunches SWEAT SHOP.Co workersmanagement"

Hatchery Worker (Current Employee) says

"It’s a job.it sucks it’s hot and I worked by myself until falsely accused but other than a tax a great job just don’t take it if u can’t work in the heat cause u move egg racks have chemicals that can kill u"

Maintenence Technician (Former Employee) says

"The maintenance dept is a joke. The company has poor benefits and they retaliate against people who are injured on the job. If they don't want you, or want to git rid of you they write you up for minor offenses until they feel they can terminate you for poor performance. They also do not feel obligated to provide protection against coronavirus."

Rotisserie Associate (Former Employee) says

"Hate this job ok bye bad job not good do apply there chicken plant not for everyone ok don’t do it very bad people that work there never go please ok hate it"

Quality Assurance Technician (Current Employee) says

"You go to work and you don’t know if you are working 8 hours or 3 but it must be 4 paid. The same will happen the next day and the next day. You would say “ it’s Friday, we have to weekend “ guess what. You are working Saturday. You probably work from Monday to Friday only 25 or so hours but you have to work Saturday for at least 4. If you can this Tyson is an unpredictable place to work."

hourly supervisor (Former Employee) says

"tysons really sucks they work you to death for pennies supervisors and above are kiss butts you get hurt they will either hurt you more or get rid of you workers comp sucks thy are for the company not the worker company lies on commercials they say they don't put antibiotics in their chickens . they do in the feed they have to too keep disese down they also use steroides why do you think they grow so fast and big ? so yes all poltry plants are greedy and liers .If you think they are not ,then you are just another sheep . so yes tysons sucks i wouldn't wish my worst enemy to work there."

Machine Operator at Tyson Foods (Former Employee) says

"I would never work again it’s too cold. The hours were too long u work to much and that’s where you live at when you work there. Your life goes down the drain"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company will lie to you. Treat you like garbage. Don’t care about your personal safety until someone gets hurt. Then it’s how can we blame someone else for it happening. If you want to work ) days a week and almost get 40 hrs for the week.There isn’t anyYou’ll work 6 months and they will fire you or you’ll quit due to being treated like garbage"

Production Worker, Label Room, & Stock Room (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place to work if you have a family. Leave no room to gain knowledge of product are to become familiar with job. Would not recommend to anyone."

Tyson Foods (Former Employee) says

"Drugs, harassment from management, pay discrimination, racial discrimination. I wouldn’t recommend unless you have a family member working there in a management position"

Labeler (Former Employee) says

"I dont like I was treated if I had to report a incident they treated it as if never happen swept it under rug not a good place to work and they are very it seems how should I put have picks and favorite among workers"

Farms worker (Current Employee) says

"This company is merely driven by greed and scare tactics against their employees. Truth be told about them, it amazes me they aren’t sued weekly with the blatant disregard for OSHA rules. From the shorten breaks because you need to move from station to the breaks, to the total incapacity to care about worker safety. The money isn’t worth the break down of ones body."

Maintenance Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Very pour managers, no work live bal forced to work 7 days a week. Change your work schedule mid week. work all kind of hours from days to nights. Work and people are not very nice."

Former member (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from this place if you know what’s good for you. Very cold, low pay, terrible work environment. Company only cares about their own interests period"

Parts Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Glad to be leaving there. It was not a nice place to work. Everyone looks out for themselves only. Very poor training in all areas that I worked in. I am happy to leave."

Pablo Garrón says

"My gift never arrived. Don't waste your money here. Not reliable service, you can trust what they say or write on their home page!"

Mohammad Zakaria says

"I am utterly dissapointed with the quality of flowers that were sent to my girlfriend after her surgery. She has shown me a picture of what she received and it was TOTALLY different from what i ordered. The type of flowers used were so cheap that took away from the entire look and value of the gift!!! the color of the vase was supposed to be pink, but it came in clear glass. The assortment of flowers was very different from what was in the shown picture. Rest assured i will never be using your service again. Very dissapointed considering the steep price you charged me as well."

Maria I Gonzalez says

"I made an order the 31st of august to deliver it in Sealy, Tx, you said it was going to be delivered the 7th of september, but when i checked the tracking, it said that it was delivered the 04 of september in the requested address, but nobody has received anything at all.. and now., nobody is answering my questions or giving me my money back... I will tell everybody I know your service is the worse on line"

Anonymous says

"I ordered two bottles of the Personalized wine to deliver to the same address. When checking out, it indicated that the delivery day of September 14 is free delivery and I chose it. After payment, you charged me $4.95 standard delivery fee for each bottle for a total of $9.90. This breaches the customer's trust."